K12 6 - retailFrench research and industrial design company, we develop solutions that revolutionize the foundations of many civil and military systems in the field of kinetic energy absorption / dissipation.


From our expertise and the foundations of our patented technology, we study, design and develop innovative solutions to meet the highest safety and compliance constraints for our customers.

Our systems are developed for major clients (Defence, Public Safety, National Security), and can be integrated into existing systems / industrial products.



  • Expertise in kinetic energy management
  • Operational advisory
  • Operational audit
  • Innovative solutions research
  • Feasibility study/Prototyping
  • 3D Modeling / Conceptual design
  • Design and implementation of tailored solutions
  • Design and development of white label systems



 Our expertise in kinetic energy dissipation management and our ability to innovate allow us to address
many problems from a new angle.

Whether it is about shocks: bollards, gates, high security barriers, road/rail/marine or military safety systems.

 Whether it is about explosions: anti-blast walls, containment and control structures, military systems (IED protection).

And many others…



 Priority is given to R&D, in a constant search for solutions that will meet the needs of our clients.

Rigomer Engineering works in close partnership with research labs and international technical expertise centers, based on the area and solution type, in order to find the best approach to each problem.



 Improved performances, adaptability to the kinetic energy received, operational availability, ease of implementation and reduced costs are the main features of the solutions we develop.

Because each case is different in terms of energy and security, we use the whole breadth of our know-how and creativity to serve our clients.

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