Our added value


Logo2 rigomerOur experts have recognized field skills, as well as a very good knowledge of operational requirements.

They work closely with the consulting office that then designs the solution.

Security and infrastructure protection specialists, we assist our clients as:

Protection strategy consultants (perimeters and protection/detection/identification systems).

Prime contractors for complete systems embedding our solutions with other technologies.


Are you looking for an innovative kinetic energy dissipation solution ?

We will find the best solution for you! Using FEM modeling and a transient dynamic solver (explicit code) to model processes, allows us to simulate the solution testing (impact effects, blast effects, security related effects) and to check the performances. The software we use have been recognized for the past 20 years by manufacturers, government agencies and researchers to model efficiently and accurately the most complex contact problems.

We have established a long-term collaboration with consulting offices recognized for their expertise in this area.

Our goal: to realize a complete analysis for a good understanding of your needs.

Our commitment: to only offer you solutions tailored to your requirements.

Our determination: maximum efficiency to achieve the best value for money with an easy implementation.


Because every security need brings different constraints, we study, design and develop solutions tailored specifically to your requirements.

Our organization, as well as many industrial partnerships within the EDEN cluster, allow us to create systems either single or in limited series at a very competitive price.

Ask our research department on the feasibility of your project.