Our technology



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Our main innovation lies in the dissipation of kinetic energy through friction, by using the principle of mass motion on tilted surfaces, which allows us to optimize tribology (patented technology). From this know-how, we have developed expertise in the design and development of innovative kinetic energy dissipation solutions, which can be used in many areas.


We first designed a common chassis that can accommodate the integration of multiple external extensions, specific for each case: Whether it is about shocks: bollards, gates, high security barriers, road/rail/marine or military safety systems. Whether it is about explosions : anti-blast walls, containment and control structures, military systems (IED protection).

We can design and build for you any modification or adaptation (design, materials…) of the common chassis, as well as the design of the external structure, which will be optimized according to your specifications.


  • Increased kinetic energy absorption performance.
  • Appropriate response to the energy received. Personnel integrity.
  • Modularity depending on the constraints.
  • Technology easily integrated in multiple solutions.
  • Easy setup, foundation not required, immediate availability.
  • Field deployable and reusable solutions.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Operational availability (break/fix)
  • Efficient production costs.


Thanks to this experience, we have developed our expertise to more sophisticated and always innovative dissipation solutions.

 We are always exploring new ways to control the kinetic energy, and we have developed concepts in the following areas :

  • High security solutions designed for sensitive sites: military infrastructures – including field deployable solutions – embassies, nuclear plants, Seveso sites, and any site that can be targeted by a threat.
  • Road safety.
  • Rail safety.
  • Military systems (dynamic armor, weapon upgrades, etc.)
  • Aerospace.
  • Natural disasters management: avalanche, tsunami.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Banking.