Perimeter and access protection

The images shown are artist prototype views. They illustrate the potential use cases for our expertise. The technology can be tailored to your specific constraints, or integrated to your existing or future product lines.


We present use cases of our technology, which can answer any performance constraints for terrorist attacks. These solutions all comply with K12 or PAS 68 requirements (verified by numeric simulations). Some of theme use normal or shallow foundation, while some of them have no foundation at all. Real life/size certification tests will be performed on final products built according to your specifications.

Barriers with PAS 68 sealingPAS 68 compliant gatesFoundation-less PAS 68 compliant barriersBlast management


We have adapted our technology to less stringent protection requirements. These solutions are made for industries or homes, and for strategic sites that cannot accommodate certified high security solutions. The dissipation principle is the same as in high security solutions. The benefits are the same, only the size and form factor will differ.
 Industrials sites accessFoundationless perimeter protectionStructures reinforcement against the effects of blast