Barriers with PAS 68 sealing

T19 V3 1


The very innovative kinetic energy management system through mass motion on tilted surfaces exhibits a performance and adaptability that does not exists in other systems.






  • New performance against impacts and elements (air, water, gas)
  • Increased safety and security.
  • Operational availability.
  • Reduced investment and maintenance.

Intended to protect the perimeter of sensitive or Seveso sites, these barriers are compliant to K12 and PAS 68 standards (numerical simulations performed by a third party). They bring a new vision of security.

Our technology can be integrated on existing equipment.

We design, with the support of experts, specific solutions for every need.


Technical advantages :

  • Optimal protection performance:  kinetic energy dissipation and channeling during any type of impact (car, truck, tank, blast…).
  • Adaptability to the impact force.
  • Significant increase of the materials relative resistance thanks to the controlled shock (point of impact’s duration is increased).
  • Reuse after each assault is almost immediate
  • Can accommodate any terrain (sand, earth, asphalt, concrete…) and climates.
  • Reduced maintenance and ability to quickly replace components in the field. The design is based on rugged technologies without critical components.

Systems : fixed and hidden bollards, portcullis, blockers, intrusion prevention walls*

*The walls have the characteristic, on top of all the benefits listed above, to be jointly assembled in order to create a true secured perimeter. They efficiently answer the extreme intrusion prevention requirements for any vehicle type. These walls can also be optimized to provide an efficient protection in an explosion (energy dissipation, blast redirection). The design also allows for the 

** A version of the barriers with shallow foundations is also available. These few centimeters deep foundations allow implementing the solution in urban zones with underground networks. The performance – which is being tested – should be K12 or PAS 68 compliant.