Blast management


Blast management through containment.

Starting from our technology and expertise in the field of kinetic energy management, we have design a containment structure to hold the effects of blast.
Our current developments are :

  • Containment structures for explosive material storage.
  • Containment structures for security checkpoints. In this case the structure can be equipped with any electronic detection system, and ensure the protection of peripheral areas in case of an explosion.
    • Pedestrian containment unit (for airport control, or access to secured areas and public buildings).
    • Vehicle containment unit (field of operations, urban or underground access).

Securing sensitive areas against explosions

The integration of hazardous industrial sites (Seveso) in the urban environment, linked to the urban sprawl, has been an issue for years.
The risk of an accident, whatever the security measures, is real and the effects are often devastating (AZF plant in Toulouse in 2001).
Upon request of local representative, Renaud Rigomer has designed containment structure for sites at risk of a major explosion.
Positioned all around the area, they have a dual role: prevent intrusions and deflect the blast of a major explosion.