Ski resort security

Securiski 11
Skier accidents (winter) or mountain bikes (summer) hitting obstacles are more and more frequent due to an increased attendance of the areas and the emergence of new skiing practices.
Whatever the severity of these accidents, consequences are heavy for public safety officials. The precautionary principle in this environment shows a real need to upgrade security systems.
Our approach is to attach protective absorbing shields – allowing a gradual deceleration – to the different obstacles on ski slopes.
This system uses our mass motion technology, as well as dissipation principles linked to tribology (surfaces in friction). It offers real adaptability based on the energy it receives.
A mobile shield receives the impact of skiers and moves across a fixed surface attached to the obstacle.
As efficient for a 30kg child at a speed of 30kph, as for a 100kg adult doing 70kph, the controlled motion of the shield on the friction surfaces will increase with the pressure applied on these surfaces. The consequence will be an increase of the energy transfer.
The system allows for a gradual and adaptive deceleration during the shock, taking into account the kinetic energy applied to the system.
The only consumable item is the tarpaulin that covers all the elements.
Systems placed side by side can form safety barriers.